Sunday, 20 November 2011

How to Give Her the Best Sex Ever! 5 Titillating Tips For Incredible Sex Your Girl Would Love!

Author: Craig Foster

Who else wants to learn how to sizzle up their sex lives and rock their women's world in the bedroom? If the excitement in sex is fizzling out, it is time to learn some new tricks to bring the "oomph" back into lovemaking. How? Let us find out below!
Tip #1 - Ah, the aphrodisiac menu! Why not treat your lover to a culinary delight? No you don't have to whip up a storm. Just serve up her favorite snacks like chocolate or strawberries in bed, with the both of you naked. For added ambience, dim the lights in the background and turn on in some raunchy, sexy music.
Tip #2 - Mirror, Mirror On The Wall! Try making out in front of a large mirror. With a full frontal visual, you have never thought she will look that hot, have you? Alternatively, place a mirror on the floor and make love over it, doggie-style - and have an erotic perspective over your lovemaking!
Tip #3 - Have a quickie... at her parents' place! Why not amp up the excitement by making out in a place where there is a possibility you will get caught flat out? Well, her parents' place could be reminiscence of what you did when you were dating! Sneak into one of the bathrooms and have a quick romp while her parents are watching the TV, or even in their rooms when they are having guests at home!
Tip #4 - Give her the 'figure of 8" magic! If your woman loves oral sex, try the magic of tracing the figure '8' using your tongue. This particular movement allows you to hit all the sensual spots in her clitoris. Hit it slow, make it fast... just vary the intensity and speed. She will get aroused really fast and can literally achieve an explosive orgasm from this very tantalizing act. Amaze her and bring her to heavenly pleasures with this.
Tip #5 - Have a marathon on the goggle box! Not your usual sitcoms, but an adult movie marathon. This can get most couples turned on, especially those that focus on female sexuality. Here's the trick: I know it is probably hard to resist, but DO NOT abandon the movies halfway and get into your own act. Instead, enjoy two or three movies at one go. Your sexual tensions will build up to the point that when the end credits roll in the final video, the sex you are going to enjoy will be EXPLOSIVE, to say the least! Delayed gratification will yield untold rewards!
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